Remote desktop connection software help users work on a computer through another computer. These programs are a must for technical support staff, as they enable IT pros to help when physical access is impossible. Remote desktop connection software also allows anyone to start or attend a meeting, collaborate on projects, and discuss business, even when they are nowhere near their desktops.


Remote Desktop Connection is Window tool to access and control a computer from remote location.

Easy for Windows users:

If you are mostly using Windows, enabling RDC on your home server and directly connecting it over your LAN is faster and much easier than downloading and setting up a third-party application.

Minimal effort:

Once past the initial set up, which takes minimal effort on the client side, there is not much to do after that. You have tons of options and features that allow you to manage, access, and troubleshoot the remote computer.

Unattended access:

Remote Connection offers unattended access, which allows you to access a computer with no one sitting at the host PC.




Ultra VNC is a free remote software access that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen.

File transfer:

Compared to other solutions, sending files using Ultra VNC is more stable between units.

Advanced settings:

Ultra VNC has an abundance of advanced settings like cursor tracking, view only mode, custom encoding options, automatic clipboard synchronization, and send custom keyboard commands. It can even connect to a remote computer that’s in Safe Mode.

Connect over a browser:

Ultra VNC offers you the option of bypassing the Ultra NC Viewer program and instead connecting to the server over a browser.

Blank computer screen:

In a corporate environment, you can use Ultra NC’s ability to blank a computer screen to reduce the user ability to see passwords, setting changes, or other confidential information he or she doesn’t need to see.



TeamViewer is a Computer software package for Remote control, desktop sharing, online meeting, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

Great support:

TeamViewer has a great online support for its users. They offer user guides, a few how-to videos and a searchable FAQs section.

File sharing feature:

TeamViewer has one of the easiest file sharing features on the market. You can easily transfer files with the standard dual-window interface, or you can simply drag and drop from one computer to another.

Easy solution:

It has very few setup steps, a fast connection, easy interface and fast transfer time, making it a dependable solution for remote computer access. No need to make any changes to the router or firewall configurations.




Blue Jeans Network is a company that provides an interoperable cloud-based video conferencing service that connects participants across a wide range of devices and conferencing platforms.

Video Calling Features:

Blue Jeans features include video conferencing, live streaming, and video calling that’s universal, secure, and easy to use.

Global Cloud Service:

Built from the cloud-up for flexibility and scale, BlueJeans makes it easy to migrate from hardware-constrained solutions to an easy-to-manage cloud teleconferencing service.

Video Sharing:

Video sharing lets participants upload HD video files to BlueJeans and replay during meetings. Perfect for product demos, training, and collaborative production.


Cisco WebEx, formerly WebEx Communications Inc. is a company that provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and videoconferencing applications.

Simplicity from any device:

Schedule meetings ahead of time or on the spot and join from your desktop, browser, video, or mobile device with integrated audio, video, and content sharing. No downloads or plug-ins required.

Award-winning, reliable video:

Build relationships and trust with a lifelike video experience. Ensure fast and high-quality video anywhere you are with the help of our global data centres.

Industry-leading security: Lock your personal room to keep your meetings on track and protect your discussions. Take the worry out of your meeting with multi-layer security built with Cisco’s industry leading expertise without compromising user experience.



Screen Connect is a remote computer access software that offers high performance and outstanding security.

Advanced security solutions:

Screen Connect has multiple layers of protection to help keep your data safe. It offers plenty of customization for security settings, including: audit logs of every session, limited access to certain sessions, screen recording, session timeouts, two-factor authentication, and restricting IP addresses.

Fast and efficient:

Once the set-up is complete and you launch your first session, Screen Connect is fast and efficient to use. You can easily access the control panel, download programs and stream videos between the two computers.

Great platform performance:

Screen Connect performs admirably on all platforms, whether you are connecting via Mac, PC or tablet.



Wayk Now is a cross-platform remote desktop and remote assistance software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Wayk Now is packaged as a lightweight, self-contained executable that can be launched without installation.


You can get started in four easy steps: configure your password, use the Source ID drop-down list to view possible IP addresses that can be used to connect to your computer, obtain the IP address from the person you wish to connect to, and click on Connect.

Enhanced clipboard:

Wayk Now has an enhanced clipboard that lets you copy and paste just about anything between local and remote applications.

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