A network is a system that transmits any combination of voice, video and/or data between users. There are different devices for example router, hub, switch, repeater etc..! There are different topology like bus topology, extended star topology, ring topology, hierarchical topology, star topology, Mesh topology. There are different types of network.

  1.  LAN – Local Area Network
    1.  It operate within a limited geographic area.
    2.  Allow multi access to high bandwidth area.
    3.  Control the network primarily under local administration.
    4.  Provide full time connectivity to local services.
    5.  Connect physically adjacent devices.
  2.  WAN – Wide Area network
    1.  It operate over large geographical area.
    2.  Allow access over serial interfaces operating at lower speed.
    3.  Provide full time and part time connectivity.
    4.  Connect devices separated over wide, even global areas.
  3.  MAN – Metropolitan Area network
    1. It connected various cities

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